Privacy policy

The service provider is obliged to ensure the protection of the personal data of every user. The service provider guarantees that he will collect only the personal information necessary for the executing the activities which are agreed with the user. The service provider will continuously keep users informed about how their personal data is used. The users of this webshop will regularly have the possibility to decide how their personal data will be used by the service provider. For example, they can decide whether they want or do not want to be on the newsletter promotional campaign recipients list. All of the user’s personal data are strictly protected and they are available only to the employees who can not take on their responsibilities without having access to the users personal data. Every service provider’s employee and every service provider’s partner is also responsible for following and respecting the rules of this privacy policy and user data protection.

The service provider will also establish the organizational culture, follow the values and norms of business ethics and moral ethics and will continuously educate the employees in terms of following and respecting the company’s rules for user’s data privacy and protection. The service provider guarantees how the user’s personal data will not be used for the purposes different than stated previously in this document, will not be sold or shared with the third party, unless the service provider is obliged by the law to do it. The only third party who is allowed to request and get the personal information of the users is the service provider’s partner - a company who is delivering the product or the service and it is not possible to deliver it in the agreed way without knowing the basic information about the user or to customize the product or service according to the age, nationality or size of the group of users.

The user’s personal data which are collected by the service provider through the different web forms and questionnaires will be used only in the purposes of sales, reservation realization and giving the necessary information to the users. In case of updating users about the sales promotions and special discounts, he will previously be explicitly and unambiguously asked for his approval. The service provider guarantees how he will not do any kind of abuse such as e-mail address list selling or publishing, unless he has the user’s approval for that.

The user’s personal data in this webshop will include personal information such as user’s address or user’s email address. In order to have efficient and senseful communication, the service provider is kindly asking the user to update the service provider about any change of the previously entered personal information which is relevant for the communication between the service provider and the user. The user can do that using the written form - sending an e-mail to the e-mail address

Every participant in this webshop is obliged to follow the principle of data exactness, completeness and up-to-dateness. Providing the incomplete, incorrect or outdated information by the user is not allowed. While having any kind of the written communication form with the service provider (web forms, forms on the service provider official social media accounts or via email), the user guarantees for the correctness of the provided personal data. He also guarantees how he is aware and agrees to the Terms and conditions of this webshop, including the rules and the purposes stated in the Privacy Policy. In case of not agreeing with what the Privacy Policy or The Terms and Conditions generally say, the user must inform the service provider in the written way - by sending an e-mail to the e-mail address

The protection of the user’s privacy and user’s data is permanent.

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