Tracing the Past of the Island of Krk

Explore the history, culture, and flavors of Krk Island on our e-bike tour – Tracing the Past of Krk Island.

6 days

Tracing the Past of the Island of Krk

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Starting point: Baška

Welcome to an unforgettable journey through the centuries-old history, rich culture, and culinary delights of Krk Island! Our "Tracing the Past of Krk Island" tour will allow you to dive deeper into the enchanting charm of this beautiful island.

You can expect 6 days filled with adventure, discoveries, and exploration of lesser-known but extraordinary locations. Our tour includes guided e-bike rides that will take you to the historical and cultural gems of the island, hidden spots, and places where the spirit of the past has been preserved.

Explore mysterious ruins, visit museums rich in artifacts, and get to know local traditions and customs through interactive experiences. Our passionate local guides will share their profound knowledge and stories, enabling you to understand and appreciate the heritage of this island.

Gastronomy is also an integral part of this journey. You'll have the opportunity to taste authentic local specialties, from fresh seafood to homemade delicacies, as we guide you through unique tastings and dinners in local restaurants.

In addition to exploring history and culture, our tour also promotes sustainable tourism. By using e-bikes, we reduce the ecological impact and contribute to the preservation of Krk Island's natural beauty.

Are you ready for a journey that will leave you breathless, filled with surprises and unforgettable experiences? Join us on the "Tracing the Past of Krk Island" tour and discover the secrets waiting to be unveiled on this beautiful island.

Reserve your spot now and get ready for an unforgettable adventure!

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